Panasonic’s new Aero PTZ camera

Aero PTZ – Anti-severe weather PTZ network camera demo video – designed for the worst of weather conditions.


  • Glass Fibre body = no salt corrosion
  • Wind speeds up to 180mph
  • Waterproof = IP66 & IP67
  • Sub-zero temps -50
  • Hybrid image stabilizer function
  • Built in lens wiper and auto defroster

i-Pro Extreme Overview

New Extreme fusion of Panasonic’s unique video systems and analytical CCTV technologies to identify incidents much quicker, easier and with higher accuracy.

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New secure communication

With security attacks on the network infrastructure increasing, Panasonic has developed a series of secure technologies for the protection of data in its video surveillance solutions. The Secure Communication feature, now available on all new Panasonic 5, 6 and True 4K Series cameras, protects against spoofing (false data), video tampering and altering (changing images) and snooping (stealing passwords) by protecting IP surveillance communications. Panasonic’s Secure Communication is a PC-level security for IP cameras and that features several data protection elements including data encryption, IP communication encryption and verification ensuring the integrity of video evidence and overall data integrity of Panasonic IP video streams.

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